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Mexico and Central America

Escape the winter blues and travel south of the border for an overland camping holiday you'll never forget! Green Tortoise Mexico and Central American bus tours range from one week to one month, with destinations in Baja, mainland Mexico, the Yucatán Peninsula, and Central America.

Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Baja Mexico

Baja Beach Daze – 9 or 15 Days

Join the group fun at our private Baja beach camp. Snorkel in the Sea of Cortez, kayak to pristine islands, and soak in hot springs! On the way, savor a margarita in Ensenada, swim in a desert oasis, explore cave paintings and more. On our 15-day expedition we discover more remote beaches, whale watching, and the laid-back culture of La Paz.

Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Baja Whale Watching

Baja Whale Watching – 15 Days

For lovers of Baja and the whales alike, this once-a-year trip combines all the highlights of our Baja trips plus some mind-blowing whale watching! Come eye to eye and hand to fin with the immense yet gentle gray whale.

Gold Coast Loop Adventure Bus Tours - Baja Mexico

Gold Coast Loop – 15 Days

On this Mexico backpacker adventure you'll travel in our adventure bus, by ferry and by train as we cruise through the Baja peninsula and mainland Mexico.  We explore the bustling city of La Paz, camp on beautiful beaches, including our private Baja beach, and enjoy the scenic ride through majestic Copper Canyon.

Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Sandy beach

Caribbean Cruiser – 7 Days

Our one-week holiday in Mayan paradise begins in Cancun and highlights Quintana Roo and Yucatán. Explore the jungle ruins of Chichen-Itza and Uxmal, catch some rays at the beach-side ruins of Tulum, photograph the pink flamingos of Rio Lagartos and take a cool plunge in Cenote Dzitnup.

Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Jungle Waterfall

Jungle Boogie – 7 Days

This one-week Mayan adventure bus tour begins in Cancun and highlights the Mayan Riviera, Quintana Roo and Chiapas.  We'll take you to the beachside ruins of Tulum, the wooded ruins of Kohunlich, and the jungle ruins of Palenque.  Snorkel in the Caribbean, explore the glittering blue cascades of Agua Azul and swim in a giant jungle pool under the Misol Ha waterfall.

Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Mayan Temple

Pyramids and Playas – 14 Days

An adventure bus trek that promises to inspire the archeologist inside of you, while offering the tranquility of white-sand beaches and starry nights! This two-week backpacker tour of the Yucatán peninsula takes you to ancient Mayan temples, lush jungle waterfalls, tropical islands in the Caribbean, and includes Belize and Guatemala.

Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Hot spring

Southern Migration – 26 Days

This is the most unique adventure bus experience in mainland Mexico! You'll explore culinary meccas, remote villages and ancient ruins, snorkel in tropical seas, experience the thrilling Copper Canyon train; on this camping trek from San Francisco to Cancun we feature the best that Mexico has to offer. 

Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Hot spring

Mexico Overland – 13 Days

The first segment of our one-way adventure bus trek from San Francisco through mainland Mexico.  You'll experience the thrilling train ride through Copper Canyon, discover the culinary mecca of Oaxaca and the artist colonies of Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, and soak up the sun on beautiful tropical beaches. 

Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Hot spring

Mundo Maya – 13 Days

The final segment of our fantastic backpacker holiday from San Francisco through mainland Mexico. This incredible camping adventure starts with the crashing surf of the Pacific Ocean in Oaxaca, travels to the highlands, waterfalls and jungles of Chiapas and ends near the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea in Quintana Roo. 

Green Tortoise adventure bus tours - Sandy Beaches

Tropical Trek – 14 Days

Round-trip from Cancun, on this two-week excursion we take you to the best sights in Quintana Roo, Chiapas and Yucatán. Explore ancient Mayan ruins, swim under cascading waterfalls, bask in the sun on white-sand Caribbean beaches and discover romance on starry nights. This is the ultimate camping trek through the northern region of the Yucatán Peninsula!