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Burning Man Participation

Green Tortoise USA bus tours - Burning Man Radical Free Art Festival

Burning Man Festival Adventure Bus 2013 Departures:

Round Trip from San Francisco:

  • Tue AM, Aug 27 - Mon PM, Sep 02

7 Days: $749 plus $76 for food/parks.

  • Tue PM, Aug 27 - Mon AM, Sep 02

5 Days: $749 plus $76 for food/parks

These fares do not include your Burning Man Festival ticket. See the "Event Ticket Info" section for information about purchasing a ticket through us. The food fund covers all of your meals and is not optional.

The people who attend Burning Man are no mere "attendees," but rather active participants in every sense of the word: they create the city, the interaction, the art, the performance and ultimately the "experience." Participation is at the very core of Burning Man, and there are many ways to participate. - Excerpted from the Burning Man website.


Express yourself through your playa dwelling. Your tent is your home on the playa -- why not make it an extension of yourself in some way? Fabric paints, markers, banners and flags of your country of origin (securely fastened, please) are a few ways to liven up your fabric castle. What do you want your tent to evolve into? A plant? A body part? An animal? Have fun with your transformation, but remember not to use anything that can come off and become litter.


Need to release your inner belly dancer? Have a secret longing to wear lingerie in the daylight hours? Black vinyl your thing? Bring it, baby! The playa is a perfect place to shed the t-shirt and shorts look and dress in something you've always wanted to wear. What happens on the playa stays on the playa so let your fashion party fly in the face of conventional dress codes. Bring it, wear it, rejoice in the freedom of becoming your fantasy figure.


Why wait until you arrive to plan your adventures? Here are a few events that you can sign on for right now:


Scrabble! Brilliant idea! Sandy writes:

Make yourself an EL wire letter before you get to the playa and join us for Scrabble Night on Wed, Aug 31, starting at 9 pm.

Imagine collecting dozens of new and old friends one night on the playa ... together we go out and play Scrabble. Each of us has an EL-wire letter hanging in front. We mix and mingle to make words. Itís not like traditional Scrabble ... itís more like fun chaos. We have more than 40 letters (and peeps playing) for our on playa scrabble "game."

Weíll meet at the corner of Esplanade and 6:30 and will be easy to spot with our lit-up letters!

If you want your EL letter to match what weíve done, our letters are 13.5 inches high and 11 inches across and most are aqua-colored standard 2.3 mm wire. To keep it simple, weíve used 4Ē zip ties to attach the wire to a plastic grid (in the needlepoint section of Michaelís and Jo-Annís and other crafty shops). Of course, feel free to make any damn letter you like and join us. This is a radically inclusive event!

Email BRCgidget[at] with any questions.


The folks who are building the awesome Pier art project ( write:

Calling all sea creatures and boat and fish art cars! Inviting all sea-faring passengers, mermaids, life-guards, mates, pirates, damsels, and captains! Join The Pier art installation for a playa regatta on Wednesday August 31st from 5-7pm. Meet at the 12:00 side of the Man and hop aboard as we parade through town, ending alongside the 300-foot long Pier for a celebratory victory party. Dock your boat, don your fancy costume, and bring your champagne. We'll be celebrating til the bewitching hour.


Pretty cool idea ...

High Priestess here - This is a shout out for JOURNALS - those personal musings you have been writing for years! Integrated into the Temple this year with be The Library of Journals - check it out on FB, or the Temple website Blog will have something soon. During the week at BRC bring your journals to the Temple, in each of the six Temples - there will be a place for your journals in one of the six corners. Each Temple focuses on a different life passage - Birth, Growth, Union, Decay and Death. The central temple is Gratitude.

The journals are there for the community to read - it's a Library after all! However if you feel too private or exposed - you can bind your private musings up and make them in-accessible. All journals need to be delivered to the Temple by you or a friend of yours.


Eyes on Art (EoA) is looking for people to volunteer for a night or two or the whole event!

EoA's mission is to patrol the playa starting build week and throughout the event looking for unlit Art and other potential safety issues. As part of Burning Manís Art Department, we help provide temporary (overnight) lighting for art projects that need help.

Itís a fun way to see the playa at night and be of service to the City!!! If your camp wants to volunteer as a group for a shift we would welcome you!! Art car roaming the playa all night? We want you!!

Please contact ASAP: Dubble at dubble[at] to get started.


Not sure exACTly what kinda DNA samples they're collecting here, but ... Kristy writes:

Extract your Inner Dark Sparkle (DNA)

Camp Dark Sparkle will help you acquire your own DNA and turn it into art that can be worn or gifted. Our camp challenges the citizens of BRC to find mystery and beauty in themselves and others, and celebrate the unique Dark Sparkle in all of us. DNA contains the instructions for making each of us unique and after this workshop youíll walk away with a piece of your own DNA that you can both see and touch. Suitable for (supervised) children.

Is there a molecular biologist inside of you that is yearning to get out and get freaky on the playa? Well we have the perfect volunteer opportunity! We need genetic geeks for about 1.5 hours on Thursday to help our community learn how to extract their personal dark sparkle. Workshop will be 11:30am-1pm. If interested please email: (


Rich writes:

Automatic Subconscious is once again featuring a morning live music program on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am until 11am, and we are in the process of booking talent. If you have a live musical act that you would like to share with your fellow burners, contact Rich Macchi ( to express your interest. There will be two slots each morning, and each slot will be one hour long. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have!


Jennifer is helping bring this to the table ... and this? is WAY awesome:

As K-12 teachers, we all bring so much back to our classrooms from the playa. The goal of BREC is to create a staff development opportunity unlike any other- where we help each other to bring the magic home to our students. Teach a workshop! Collaborate on lesson plans! Bring home a slick flyer to prove to your administration that the art festival you missed the first week of school to go to is semi-legitimate!

Want to participate? Send emails to JennNelson3[at], the sooner the better!


Christy writes:

Camp Gypsies, Tramps, & Thieves have organized a parade of American Tribal Style (ATS) improvisational belly dance across the playa on Friday, and we're seeking ATS dancers of all skill levels, musicians/drummers, art cars, children, and an enthusiastic retinue to join us. We will be leaving Camp GT&T around 6:30 PM on Friday, with planned stops at the Hookah Lounge (4:30 & A), Art of Such'n'Such (5:00 & Esplanade), Persian Excursion (Rod's Road), and the Spenard Bar (9:15 & G). We'll end our journey, as all good journeys are wont to end, with a trek to the Man and the Temple.

Are you planning to wedge a 25-yard skirt into a compressor bag? Got some moves and a hip scarf to back it up? Know which end of a dumbek needs banging? We need to talk. Contact Christy Anandaconda at dreamydefinitive at gmail for more information.

Likewise, if you have always wanted to learn this beautiful dance, the six belly dancers of GT&T will be offering a basic lesson at 5 PM on Friday before the parade starts. Check with Playa Info for the camp address of Gypsies, Tramps, & Thieves; we're gifting belly dance, aerial lyra, tarot, yoga, henna, harquus, face painting, and bandana-making throughout the week. Look for the 20' tall fiberglass aerial pyramid with raggle-taggle gypsy bedsheet shade walls rising out of a nest of shiny yurts and hobo prayer flags.


Ali writes:

Miss Black Rock City Pageant 2011- Be Your Inner Beauty Queen!!!

Hosted by Miss Everything to Infinity-Ali Luminescent!

When: Friday, 2pm (contestants arrive 1 hour before to register) Dance Party to immediately follow with our fabulous hosts DISORIENT!

Where: DISORIENT @ 2 and Esplanade

What: Represent your city, your camp, your art, your tent, or just yourself! Participants (open to all shes, zes, and hes) are to arrive 1 hour prior to the pageant and will reveal their unique inner beauty in 3 categories:

  1. The One Minute (no)Talent Competition: No rules, everyone has a talent - be it a stupid party trick or a fine art!
  2. Interview: Do they do it for world peace, the children, or for the puppies?
  3. Fashion: Show us your personal playa Style! All participants are beautiful and everyone wins by participating.

Please come with a sash (be a "Miss" something as we are all a lil amiss) and a tiara.

NOTE: No Beauty pageant is fair, BRIBING the "judges" and your HOST is encouraged. Participate for fun, rather than playing to win! The MBRC Project produces events on-playa, around the USA, the UK and Spain since 2004.

Check out our fb event for more info:


Stablemaster Rhino writes:

There is a new camp-to-camp mail service this year, in the form of the Ponygirl Express. Our beautiful pony-girls and -boys will be collecting and delivering mail each morning (just before it gets hot, that's about as specific as time gets on-playa!). Look out for our mail cart and ponies doing their rounds, and if you have any mail to be delivered, flag us down.

Or drop off the mail at our depot at 5:00 and Birthday, where we will hopefully be organised enough to have a post-box out! If you have a pony inside, and want to come and join us, please do, there's definitely room for more volunteers. Find us any time at the depot, or leave a message for us in the post-box, and we'll find you to sort out a time.

See you in the dust,
Stablemaster Rhino


Mighty Meg writes:

On Saturday staring at 4pm the Lost Penguin will host our Burn Day Blues Jam and we want to invite you to come perform. A couple of bands and lots of tagging in players for a couple of hours of live. blues. music. We've got a backline of drums, bass amp and keys, microphones and PA. Bring your instruments, bring your music, bring your blues to 5:00 and Divorce! Wanna get some friends together and play as a band? shoot an email to Mighty at otherwise, just c'mon out, swap in and play!

Friday night will mark the return of Lunacy Cabaret- Toronto's crazy and uncensored circus/clown/variety night to BRC! If you've got something to show, try or inflict on our energetic audience please join us on the Lost Penguin Stage. We can handle just about anything that doesn't require a rig --email Mighty or stop by the cafe during the week.

You can always catch Mighty in person at Death Row Floor Show -- an open mic Mon Wed and Fri starting at 4:30 to find out more (or book time on the penguin stage for whatever it is you do!)

Thanks! see ya in the dust!


Bonnie writes:

Barber Ella Shop is a sexy, campy playa hairdresser inspired by 60s sexploitation classic "Barbarella". We will be cutting hair from our intergalactic barbershop in the 9:00 plaza from 1-4pm Tuesday through Friday while screening Barbarella and serving space-age libations.

We are a small camp, and will have extra chairs open every day. So, if you're a professional stylist (we're not!) or just an enthusiastic amateur, come on down and help us make the playa a little more fabulous, one head at a time. We have all the tools necessary, but feel free to bring your own as well.

See: for more info!


Kerry writes:

Are you a bur- or boylesque performer? Camp Dark Sparkle (Engagement and 9) has a few spots left in their shows on Wednesday (5 pm) and Friday (4 pm). Come Sparkle with us! Contact Miss Nicki Sparxx (nickisparxx[at] for more information. It's gonna be HOT!