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Northern Dream Westbound

Northern Dream Adventure Map - Green Tortoise

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Northern Dream 2015 Departures:

New York to San Francisco:

  • Wed, Jul 8 - Wed, Jul 22
  • Wed, Aug 12 - Wed, Aug 26

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Northern Dream Westbound
Cross Country - 14 Days

A classic taste of the all-American overland road trip, this cross-country adventure bus tour will inspire both the wilderness trekker and city explorer inside you!

Day 0 & 1 - NYC to Great Lakes/Appalachians:
Say "Goodbye" to the city hustle and grind and "Hello" to swimming, hiking and exploring fresh-water lakes and lush forests. Get on the water and rent a kayak or glide over tranquil lagoons on a pontoon boat. Be ready with your camera, opportunities for wildlife photos await you!

Day 2 - Niagara Falls:
These famous falls will amaze you with the sheer volume of water, thundering and crashing to the depths below. Get up close and personal (and a little wet!) in the Maid of the Mist tour for a boat ride you'll never forget!

Day 3 - Chicago, Illinois:
Explore the streets of Chicago with your friends and indulge in the region s most famous culinary treats, absorb the cultural scene at a museum, cruise on an urban boat ride, or hit the breweries with your friends!

Day 4 - Great Plains area:
Chill out among grassy fields, shady trees, and friendly people, or stretch your legs on a hike to the center of a cool, northern states town.

Day 5 - South Dakota/Badlands:
The mind-blowing landscape of pinnacles, canyons and multi-colored jagged rocks are like a scene from another planet. Pose for photos as you imagine running from the saber-toothed cat, rhino and ancient horse -- mammals that roamed here in another era.

Day 6 - Black Hills/Mount Rushmore:
We're tumbling west towards cowboy country, stopping in at the impressive Mount Rushmore National Monument to admire our greatest American presidents carved into the mountain. Later, brave the rough and tumble history of the gold rush town of Custer.

Day 7 - Rocky Mountain National Park:
Take in the unique flora and fauna of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Spend the day strolling along alpine lakes or hiking to the top of the rugged ridges.

Day 8 - Colorado/Rockies:
The towering view of the Rockies will amaze you as you dine on a gourmet Tortoise-style breakfast. Experience the thrill of a white-water rafting trip jetting you down the Colorado River, or go for a hike and enjoy the fresh mountain air!

Day 9 - Utah/Arches National Park:
Get dwarfed by towering pinnacles and spires as you explore this park, known for containing the worlds largest concentration of natural sandstone arches and impressive balancing rocks. Round up your friends -- this is a perfect opportunity for a group photo!

Day 10 - Utah/Moab:
Blast off on a mountain bike over the stunning red-rock landscape, or simply relax in this friendly town. Talented artists display their craft in galleries, stroll through or treat yourself to a midday snack at a brewery. Later, soak the exciting day away in a natural hot spring.

Day 11 - Utah/Bryce National Park:
Home to a brightly layered landscape that rivals the Grand Canyon, Bryce offers stunning desert hiking that stretches into a lunar-like land. Make sure you don't wander too far — we're heading towards a little-known location for a gourmet feast and campout under the stars!

Day 12 - Zion:
Ascend the brilliantly-banded sandstone canyons to Angel s Landing and be rewarded with sweeping views of Zion, or take a short walk to witness the miracle of raindrops cascading directly from the sandstone arch of Weeping Rock. Later, cool your jets with a splash-down in the Virgin River.

Day 13 - Las Vegas, Nevada:
It's Vegas, baby! Get your heart going with adrenaline-pumping rides, take the city by storm in a limo, or get your game on at the black jack tables. Whatever your thrill, Vegas has something for everyone!

Day 14 - San Francisco, California:
Welcome to the other side of the USA! Our cross-country journey ends today in San Francisco, but that doesn't mean the fun has to end! Relish the sights of this famous west coast city with your bus mates, then hop on a Yosemite trek or an eastbound trip and return to the east coast with us!

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