It all started as a toddler …

I was forever seeing invitations to explore the world around me, and always found a way to accept that invitation. I could spend hours examining the most minute creatures caught in a tidepool and just when they became comfortable knowing I would stay put … *poof* … I would vanish from the ever-watchful eyes of my parents. Now they can laugh about it and tell me I was not one of those fussy children, but was instead content and calm … as long as I could find ways to escape for a little exploration now and then!

Apparently I earned the nickname my parents gave me — "The Wanderer" … and to this day I hold true to my nature and give in to the sudden need to take off and just … go. At times my forays lasted years before I returned and at times just mere moments, but a few things have always remained the same: the never ending fascination with seeking out new horizons, new places, new friends . . . the need to share these incredible adventures that I have embarked on, and the unfailing belief that allowing yourself to experience travel is powerful enough to change your life forever.

Join me (and embrace your inner toddler)! Come celebrate "The Wanderer" in you and let's share some of my favorite places …