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Make a Reservation!

This passengers is glad he booked in time!

Congratulations — we're glad you decided to travel with us! There are several easy ways to reserve your place:

Please note that all prices listed on this website are for cash or certified funds (money order, cashier's check, or traveler's check). Contact us for further details on other payment options.

  1. Book online! We now have online booking available for many of our trips. Just click on the "Book Now!" button (under Prices and Availability) on the page of the trip that you'd like to sign up for. You'll be directed to our secure booking portal where we'll get some basic information from you and charge the trip deposit to your credit card. For the trips that we don't have online booking available for, you'll be redirected back to this page where you can choose one of the options below.
  2. Call the Green Tortoise Travel Office. It's easy, and we can walk you through the reservation process step by step. You can complete the deposit payment over the phone with a credit or debit card*. It takes just about 10 minutes and then you can ask any other questions you might have.
  3. Complete the Booking Request Form. A Green Tortoise representative will attempt to contact you. Please note that due to international time differences and other variables you may need to call or Skype us directly during our office hours.
  4. Send a deposit and reservation form by post. To save your space, we will need a reservation form and a deposit. We cannot reserve a space for you by post until we have received your payment. Follow the steps below to book by mail:
    1. Read the Frequently Asked Questions page.
    2. Contact the Green Tortoise Office to check space availability.
    3. Complete both sides of our Reservation Form. Please note that your signature is required at the bottom of each page.
    4. Send the completed reservation form with your deposit to our office:
      Green Tortoise Adventure Travel
      494 Broadway
      San Francisco, CA 94133 U.S.A.
    5. Upon receipt of your booking form and deposit, you will be sent an e-ticket confirming that your space is reserved. You may request to receive a ticket by post instead of an e-ticket.
    6. Please refer to your ticket for information concerning departure and arrival times, where to meet the coach, a list of things to bring, and activities and expenses.

Payments received by post must be in the form of money order, or a cashier's check only. We do not accept personal checks. Please make your checks payable to Green Tortoise Adventure Travel (U.S. funds only). Please note that your place is not reserved unless we receive payment with your reservation form. Remember that snail mail is slow! If the trip is a week or less away, please call to make your reservation. We do not accept bank transfers.

Credit Card Surcharges

California has a law, California Civil Code section 1748.1, that prohibits “retailers” from adding a surcharge when a consumer chooses to use a credit card instead of paying by cash. A retailer is someone who sells goods or services or anything else of value, but it does not include government entities and public agencies, such as the state, a city, or a county. Electric, gas, and water companies may also impose a surcharge that allows them to recover the reasonable expenses they incur by customers using credit cards and debit cards, but only if the charge is approved by the Public Utilities Commission.

Although retailers may not add a surcharge when you use a credit card, they can provide a discount to customers who pay cash. For example, the California Court of Appeal found that section 1748.1 was not violated when a gas station posted two sets of prices with a lower price for cash customers where the cash discount was related to the extra costs the gas station incurred in credit card sales. (The case is Thrifty Oil Co. v. Superior Court (2001) 91 Cal.App.4th 1070.)

The law that prohibits surcharges, but allows discounts, does not offer details on how the discounts must be disclosed or how large they can be. The law also doesn’t specifically mention debit cards. However, California law does prohibit a merchant from engaging in activity that is unfair or deceptive. So, for example, if the cash discount option is not fully disclosed prior to your committing yourself to the goods or services, or if it does not clearly explain the merchant’s policies regarding debit cards, the merchant may be violating California law.

If you know of a merchant that you think is improperly charging people extra for using credit cards you may file a complaint with the Attorney General at But you should be aware that this office is responsible for protecting the collective legal interests of the people of California. Due to our role in consumer litigation on behalf of all of the people of our state, we are not empowered to represent private individuals, whether or not they are citizens of California. If you are interested in pursuing personal restitution from a company, you may wish to consider other options such as filing a small claims suit (for individual claims up to $10,000) or consulting with a private attorney who could directly represent your interests.

Questions? Please contact us.


ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE/ NON-TRANSFERABLE. In most cases (exceptions are noted below), if you notify us at least 12 days prior to departure, you may apply your deposit (less 50% for a cancellation fee) to another Green Tortoise trip. If you notify us less than 12 days prior to departure, you forfeit your entire deposit. For most trips (exceptions are noted below), the balance of your fare, including the food/parks fund, is due at departure. Payment at departure must always be in cash, money order, or a cashier's check (in USD funds only).

Exceptions: The full balance of your fare, including the food/parks fund, for the Alaskan Expedition, Caribou Crawler, Denali Dream, Alaska Loop, American Overland, USA Expedition, USA Explorer, USA Trek, Northern Crossing, Northern Dream, Southern Crossing, Southern Dream, Southern Roadtrip, Florida Sun Escape, Cactus Crawler, Big Apple to Big Easy and Mardi Gras are due 21 days prior to departure. If you notify us at least 21 days prior to departure, you may apply your deposit (less 50% for a cancellation fee) to another Green Tortoise trip. The full trip amount also becomes non-refundable/non-transferable 21 days prior to departure. Therefore, if you notify the Green Tortoise of a cancellation less than 21 days prior to departure, you lose the full payment of the trip.